We’ve all heard it said, “Looking for a new job is a job by itself!” While writing a CV sounds like the easiest thing in the world, indeed, there is a lot of thought that must go into it.

Three things you can work on to get started are: 

1. The TITLE of your book or Career Story is your NAME. You want it top of the page – BIG BOLD, LOUD & PROUD. “Ooooh, but I don’t want to look too egoistic.” Having YOUR NAME in capital letters and in bold lettering at 14pt font is not egoistic, it helps the reader REMEMBER your name. 

2. Your INTRODUCTION or PROFESSIONAL PROFILE; Tell us WHO you are, WHAT you do and HOW you add value.

3. Your CORE COMPETENCIES; Provide not only HARD SKILLS, but also SOFT SKILLS. Why? Because your CV will have multiple readers and those readers are coming from different areas of the business. Whether the hiring manager or the human resources manager, both of them will look at your CV from a different angle. Best to provide the multi-dimensional you when providing your core competencies. 

These areas are only a start to writing your career story, so start here and make the beginning of your Career Story stand out. 

The webinar is led and facilitated by Leigh Ann Arthur,  Executive Search Expert, Founder and Managing Director of LAA International Executive Search, and Co-Founder of The Essential Workshops. Leigh Ann has gathered extensive experience across Europe working with international companies, who expect high value and expertise in their recruitment services and quality in their new hires. 

You will learn it all through very practical examples, in different formats focused on enhanced content retention, and by using experiential learning methodologies. In practice however, it will all be as easy as a-b-c and the retention tenfold. ​

References from previous sessions are available on the References page.


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