elevate your

professional self

Elevate Your Professional Self

During this very practical workshop, developed especially for elevating your professional skills, you will learn about:

  • personal branding;

  • high-level interviews and executive search ;

  • impactful presentations;

  • the psychology of presenting;

  • writing a successful 1-page CV and why that’s important;

  • negotiation techniques proven to work, in the workplace or within a job search;

  • how to successfully manage your stakeholders.

We will also focus on:

  • body language, voice; AVK (audio – visual – kinesthetic);

  • how to conquer your fear and how to use that nervousness and elevate your interview responses or presentation;

  • how to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behavior.

You will learn it all through very practical exercises, in a format focused on enhanced content retention, through different presentation techniques, and using experiential learning methodologies.

This workshop is led and facilitated by Leigh Ann Arthur, Executive Search Expert, Bogdan Manta, Subject Matter Expert Presentations & Stakeholder Management and Julita Davies, Personal Branding Expert. 


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