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Balance is not something you find​;
Balance is something you create.

During the handstand workshops, we bring together the concept of balance, the connection between preconception, our five senses, and overall mobility and flexibility. We focus on two different levels of experience when it comes to handstand and hand-balancing:

Absolute Beginners Workshop

Prerequisite: None.

Goals: Improve technique against the wall. Get comfortable with wrists exercises, handstand progressions & balance. Explain handstand progressions. Learn to fall forward and cartwheel out of chest to wall handstands. Build up training volume. Work toward freestanding handstands, overall get comfortable with being upside-down. 


Once understanding the stability in the pushup position and the progression exercises or inverted hangs feel comfortable, the main workload consists of alignment drills, chest-to-wall and back-to-wall handstand progressions. 

Beginners to Novice Workshop

Prerequisite: 30 seconds wall handstand.

Goals: Improve balance and alignment. Get comfortable with handstand progressions & poses. Build up training volume and work capacity. Work towards more complex alignment.


How much work capacity is enough? That depends on each student, their goals, and the skills being worked on. More advanced skills require more time to master and thus will require a higher work capacity. These are all elements we will discuss about and develop further during the workshop. Eventually, we will be able to increase work capacity through the skill work itself.


The handstand workshops

We deliver essential handstand workshops fueled by three master coaches: Max Molewijk (hand-balancer), Danny van Roij (gymnast) and Bogdan Manta (facilitator & side-kick). 


The Essential Workshops

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