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Experiential Workshop on Psychological Influence in Negotiation & Stakeholder Management.

The Negotiations Lab is our way to give value back to our network and it is a free, high-level session, focused on developing your negotiations skills, and achieving super-human awareness when it comes to stakeholder management and complex, multi-dimensional negotiations. The Negotiations LAB is limited in number of participants, because of the specific role each participant plays in the whole scenario-based negotiation.

The Concept

  • Experiential Workshop on Psychological Influence in Negotiation & Stakeholder Management.

  • A live/impromptu negotiation session: 2 teams/companies at the negotiation table, 1 facilitator & 1 side kick (it is a real case scenario).

  • Each team features specific team members with specific roles. 

  • Most roles have different interests in the negotiation, because they all have different stakeholders to think of. Therefore, specific people in the team might desire a different outcome from the negotiation result.

  • The sessions includes negotiations strategies explained, psychological influence scenarios, and strong awareness around the visible and hidden stakeholders around the negotiations table.

The first Negotiations Lab editions received outstanding feedback from the guests. Read some of the reviews on the Reference page.

Get in touch with us via the contact form should you be interested in joining the Negotiations Lab, or should you wish to introduce it to your team / organization.

*currently there is a waiting list until April 2020. Should you wish to skip the queue, feel free to contact us for one of the ''skip the queue'' spots.

*please note, we select the participants based on their profiles, as this is a scenario-based exercise. When requesting to participate, do let us know how this could help you to further develop your negotiation skills. 


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