Bogdan Manta

Combining Behavioral Science & Practical Experience to Boost Your Learning & Development | Highly Effective Trainer

''People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did.

But people will never forget how you made them feel.'' - Maya Angelou

Passionate About Empowering People through Knowledge Sharing, Practical Experience & Effective Learning.

How is my experience relevant to you? I know the business. I understand the stakeholders. And I take time to relate to you. With a background in neuro-marketing, corporate communications, social psychology and multi-faceted program management, for over 17 years I worked as a creative, program director, content creator, show caller, speaker coach, negotiator or corporate storyteller.

I understand the specific content, no matter the industry! I've created and delivered programs for most Fortune 500 companies, associations or non-profit organizations. Being fortunate to work within every possible industry, all over the world, has allowed me to be able to relate to every person's experience and always adapt them or their team dynamics and specific organizational culture.

I've walked the walk, now I talk the talk. I used to be terrified of presenting, now I am an expert in the field, certified by Toastmasters International. Because often the things we are afraid of the most, are the things we are naturally great at. We only need someone to believe in us, and someone to coach us to reach the highest expression of ourselves.

I use complex methodologies but in practice the learning is as simple as a-b-c. When it comes to teaching and training, I focus on applying neuro-psychology to different learning models, emphasizing on the human sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to stimuli. Sounds complicated? It's not! Because I'm known to be very practical, energetic, and ''quite the opposite of boring''.

Allow me to support you elevate your skills, or strengthen the dynamics of your team.

Contact me for a one-on-one session or register here for the workshops. Find out more about me on LinkedIn.

As founder of The Essential Workshops, I also focus on creating and delivering team building concepts for corporations and some fun and educational balance workshops. We bring together the concept of balance from sports (particularly hand-balancing), the psychology behind preconception and our five senses, interlinked with team cohesion principles. This combination funnels a higher professional equilibrium and multi-faceted team connections. This means that yes, I can stand on my hands! And you could too! Register here for the handstand and balance workshops. Find out more about it on Instagram.


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