Julita Davies

Personal Brand Expert | Speaker | Branding Storyteller

„Stars are born, brands are made.”

Hello, I am Julita Davies, a consultant, award winning international speaker and trainer.

With over 15 years of international corporate experience I know that brand strategy is a key to success for every company, so it is for individuals.

I believe every person poses a talent, skills or knowledge that can be of a value for others. But not everyone knows how to market themselves effectively. This is the reason I help entrepreneurs and executives to discover their personal brand and define their strategy for professional success.

My approach to personal branding is about applying marketing strategies to personal branding. Personal Branding is about marketing and branding strategy for You and NOT about personal development. I am not your coach, I do not want to improve you or influence a change. For me, you are a “product”. You are completed. My job is to help you find the best way to promote you, to market you, to sell you, but most importantly to find the unique value that you represent and communicate it to the world as a Brand.

A blend of my academic background in social sciences and public relations and professional experience in marketing and digital business give me a unique insight and advantage into branding and marketing consultancy.

Personal Branding, Career Brand Management and Public Speaking are the key areas of my expertise. I am also the author of "The Ultimate Personal Branding Workbook" and 3D+ methodology on which I base my trainings and private consultancy.

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