Leigh Ann Arthur

Executive Search Expert | Speaker | Facilitator

Leigh Ann Arthur - Executive Search Consultant

''When you learn, teach, When you get, give.'' - Maya Angelou

Hello, Leigh Ann Arthur here. As the founder and Managing Director of LAA International Executive Search, and Co-Founder of The Essential Workshops Universe, I have gathered extensive experience across Europe working with international companies, who expect high value and expertise in their recruitment services and quality in their new hires.

Prior to entering into Executive Search, I’ve held roles in sales and marketing with Unilever, Newell Rubbermaid and a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. This has provided me with an in-depth understanding of not only the value of Sales and Marketing within an organization, but also the competencies for key roles, the relationships necessary to be successful in those roles and the rigor required by international companies.

For nearly 15 years now I have thoroughly enjoyed helping my clients dramatically exceed hiring, performance and retention expectations. At the same time, I’ve met and spoken to thousands of marketing and sales executives who have gone through my search process, thereby allowing me to understand their career history, ability to build relationships, history of exceeding expectations, desire to take responsibility, what their morals and values are, their creativity in solving problems and history of value creation. It’s extremely rewarding to see a hiring manager and candidate come together forming an authentic, trust-based relationship and ultimately agreeing on a role together.

What Value does all of this have for you?

Having worked in Sales and Marketing and Executive Search, as well as being a certified speaker by Toastmasters International, gives me an inside view of where some candidates fall short within an interview process, not only from a CV perspective, but also presenting facts and speaking with authenticity, strength and confidence. I wish I could help everyone to be successful within an interview process, but that just isn’t possible, the search process is one of candidate elimination from round to round.

While that may be the case, I can help you, along with Bogdan, whom I respect so very much, to highly improve your ability to move further into the process.

How? By focusing on the areas necessary for internal professional success, we can utilize those new and improved skills for external job search success. That’s right, improving skills and then transferring those skills to success for a new role search.

Allow us to help you elevate your career skills, we look forward to working with you. Register here for one of our workshops, or get one of my online courses. Feel free to also connect with me on LinkedIn, just be sure to tell me in the note that you are connecting with me via The Essential Workshops