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unleash the

power of content

It is not only about AV (audio-visual). It is actually AVK (audio-visual-kinesthetick).

Are you presenting to colleagues, customers, or are you on stage in front of a large audience? Do you use a presentation? Then this workshop is for you! Why? Because your charisma, your posture and a flawless delivery are just not enough when it comes to being truly memorable when presenting. Delivering an impactful presentation, or facilitating a workshop are more than just the typical body language, voice, or disseminating content.

During the workshop led & facilitated by Bogdan Manta you will learn fundamental aspects of presenting and presentations,through very practical examples. Here are some of the topics discussed during the worksho​p:

  • the importance of the physical context with presentations,

  • presentations technical details (e.g. what is a hand held mic, what is a dpa, what are the cones of projection),

  • the 7's vs. the 3's, pace, percentage of eye contact,

  • the right way to walk on stage, the power of visual aids;​​

  • nervous repetitions, ticks, conquering your fear,

  • how to create interaction with your audience,

  • how to deliver the most memorable presentation;

  • the use of the holistic approach with your content,  

  • how to use effectively the right visuals, your body language, or voice,       

  • the fundamental difference between a boring slide-show and your next level presentation. 

References from previous sessions are available on LinkedIn,on the References page or on LinkedIn posts.