your audience

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did.

But they will never forget how you made them feel.

Being a memorable presenter is more than just body language, voice, or content. So let's unlock the fundamentals of presenting, speaking in public, facilitating, or leading a panel.

During this very practical workshop led and facilitated by Bogdan Manta, and developed particularly for elevating your public speaking, presenting and presentations skills, you will learn about: 

  • the human contexts and how are they fundamentally impacting your speech or presentation;

  • how to activate your audience and/or change their perspective and behavior;

  • how to effectively use the right visuals, your body language, or voice, in order to enhance your message;

  • the 3 E’s of public speaking, and how to produce them;    

  • the 3 P’s of presentations, and how to use them;    

  • using the holistic approach of presenting and presentations;

We will also focus on:    

  • body language, voice; AVK (audio – visual – kinesthetic);     

  • breaking down the nervous repetitions, uncomfortable ticks,     

  • how to conquer your fear and how to use that nervousness and elevate your speech or presentation;    

  • engaging with your audience, creating conversations even with a passive type of presentation;    

  • the power of storytelling and how to bring forward memorable presentations using the 5 human senses.

You will learn it all through very practical exercises, in a format focused on enhanced content retention, through different presentation techniques, and using experiential learning methodologies.



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