We are always happy to hear that our workshops, trainings or one-on-one mentoring programs are highly valued and appreciated. Here are some of the references:

Bogdan is a fantastic speaker! He made a dynamic talk for our company about the power of a good presentation. Funny, energetic, moving! We laughed, we cried, we felt inspired. His personal style and charisma kept the audience engaged throughout the entire talk. I’ve never received so many thank you notes for organizing an event as I received after Bogdan’s presentation! He is an amazing speaker, an inspiring professional and simply a wonderful person!

Anastasia Kuskova - Transformation and Sustainability Director, Strategic Advisor and Forbes Contributor

I reeeally enjoyed Bogdan's training, like truly. He is an impressive presenter, not letting anyone’s attention stroll side-wise. I did enjoy how he manages to “cut the BS” and deliver maximum of very valuable information in short amount of time. Some things he told us really made me laugh from how ridiculously detailed, honest and freaking genius they are. Very interesting and unorthodox information other trainers might not even pay attention to...ever! Like, with prepping power points or hormones. Bogdan inspires me, and I like to stick to inspiring people in my life.

Viktoryia Hlushakova - Product Master Data Specialist Ecommerce, Calvin Klein

​By some positive twist of fate, I had the chance to attend a Negotiation Lab / workshop held by Leigh Ann and Bogdan. As it happens, at the same time during work, I was going through some high level negotiations. Aside from being engaging, informative, and extremely useful - the numerous professional tips, through human nature and behavior insights we discovered through this workshop some valuable tactics that will make a difference in your every day life or even business meetings. 

Richard Moravec, Regional Marketing Manager, Huawei

I found the Negotiation Lab an extremely interesting and practical workshop. Bogdan and Leigh Ann really know how to create a safe learning environment and guide a big group of strangers into a complex role-playing activity that takes everyone out of their comfort zone, and they make it so much fun that the lessons become memorable. I loved it and highly recommend it.

Luciana Fonseca - Entrepreneur

Bogdan is a very talented, natural and razor-sharp professional who really knows his stuff about how to make a lasting impact when presenting. His ability to combine neuroscience, psychology and practical communication skills is truly outstanding and highly motivating to learn from. He breaks down complex knowledge into bite-size chunks of practical steps to follow when preparing for a keynote or a presentation. Apart from his professional skills, he is a very generous and warm-hearted human being who wants nothing more than for his clients to shine on stage. I would recommend Bogdan to anyone who wants to make a bigger impact with their audience! 

Nicoline Huizinga - Visibility Coach


Recently I've attended a workshop given by Bogdan on the psychology of presentation. It was brilliant! Bogdan is a powerful and an impactful presenter. His workshop was unique and original, with a lot of value and great content. What I especially loved was that everything he said about effective presentations was skillfully demonstrated by him, proving each point by his own example. I found his personal style very dynamic and straight to the point. I learnt a lot from just observing Bogdan on the stage.
As for the other workshop, the Negotiations LAB: what an amazing experience! I really enjoyed it, loved the approach of Bogdan and Leigh Ann to connecting people without trying to sell them anything. The group was brilliant! The vibe was awesome! We had fun and learnt a lot! Thank you for that! It's a great format.

Irina Musuc - Career Coach / Speaker / Trainer

What AN EXPERIENCE this workshop was, facilitated by Bogdan Manta!!!! Just some words.... SHARP, TO THE POINT, DYNAMIC, KNOWLEDGE, HUMOR and above all A SAFE ENVIRONMENT to go out of your comfort-zone, because that's where the EXPANSION is!  A Big thank you for this amazing experience and this is what you are made for! 

Najat Chicar - Psychodynamisch Therapeut

Thank you Bogdan and Leigh Ann for this great initiative - The Negotiations Lab - and for inviting me. A very fruitful learning experience mixed with humor and ‘gezelligheid’, and a great, different way of getting to know a group of people indeed!

Jerry Gaspersz - Senior Congress Consultant & Organizer

I came to the Negotiation Lab as I wanted to experience first hand what it means to be part of a social experiment. What I did not expect were the intensity and the complex learnings. The session was enlightening and I will most definitely use the learnings and tips in my next negotiations. Thank you, Leigh Ann and Bogdan for a stunning workshop. I am recommending the workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and to be able to handle complex negotiation situations in a business scenario or in everyday life.

Veronica Fresneanu - Head of Marketing and Communications at Vive

What a great experience this was! The week after Bogdan's training I facilitated a course called Building Effective Presenters where I used so many of the tips he provided! I really loved the interactivity of his training and how he linked what did we need to work on to what he was going to cover - this was phenomenal and got us all engaged. I could go on and on about what I liked, because the overall experience was amazing!

Kasia Kochanska - Corporate Trainer

The Negotiations Lab was a truly engaging exercise and I had a lot of fun! Leigh Ann and Bogdan were such gracious hosts, I was impressed. We need this kind of meetings in our lives more often, let's do it again!

Alina Pintilie - B2B Creative Marketing Strategy Expert

Bogdan is one of the most engaging presenters / workshop leaders I know. Moreover, he is very approachable, and willing to connect and share.

Fiza Brakel - Academic Scholar in Social Sciences

I am so pleased that I attended Bogy's workshop. He is incredibly experienced and is able to share his knowledge and wisdom in a relaxing and helpful way. Participation is encouraged and he is able to create an environment in which you feel at ease and willing to share.

I can highly recommend his workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about presenting.

Michelle Delport - Master Coach

I left from the presentation workshop with a very good feeling and some valuable take away's. The setup was very personal and made me feel at ease. The content was very interesting and it covered sufficient elements to leave the workshop with new techniques we can implement right away. Bogdan was able to answer every question and always provide relevant example to help us understand. 
I would warmly recommend people who want to improve their presentation skills to join this workshop.

Nordine Hamel - System Integration Manager, Liberty Global 

Running my own business and being my own brand, knowing how to present myself is key. As a copywriter (and introvert) I have no problem expressing myself on paper. But getting in front of a crowd - big or small... That scares the living s*** out of me. At the same time it's the one thing that is on the top of my list. Getting on stage, sharing my stories and knowledge with more people. I am terrified, but also super excited and motivated. So when Bogdan announced his workshop, I knew I had to join. And man, am I happy I did. I had such a blast.

Bogdan is an extremely motivational trainer, respectfully challenging you to push your limits. He knows his stuff and is not just book-smart. He had his own journey and takes most of his lessons from his own experience. He's leading by example there, because DOING is crucial when it comes to public speaking. One of the many take-aways from the day. Bogdan also carefully curates the groups, making you feel at ease from the very start of the day. I am still nervous about speaking, but this seriously got me over the threshold. It gave me a massive confidence boost and loads of practical tips to further pursue my desire to get on stage a lot more. 

Digna Brand - Copywriter

Bogdan knows how to present himself, a formula, an event, or a vision. He has combined his knowledge and experiences, gained worldwide, in development training and coaching programs. How to grow in personal presentation. How to deal and interact with your public. How to remain in balance and reflect that in your communication. He will confront you, but then again, it makes you aware of where you are, where you can be and how to get there. And personal growth can only start with an objective look at how to grow, but also what existing skills you are not using effectively. Being someone working in an equal working environment, I certainly would recommend Bogdan.

Peter Spoor - Owner, Spoor Discovery & Development

Consistently positive and a professional attitude: Bogdan Manta. Bogdan has a true talent for communicating and coaching where the outcome is beneficial for all involved. He has the ability to craft a creative and positive outlook out of any situation. Bogdan’s astonishing strategic mindset serves as relationship builder. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and captures the essence of your request in his designs. He does not only create something that looks pleasing, but also makes sure that it reflects the values of your product or organization.

Tomasz Maciaszek - Product Owner, Expert

I’ve worked with Bogdan for 10 years and he is one of the most energetic, visionary people I know. I think Bogy's great strength comes from his ability not only to listen and learn quickly but then to be able to impart that knowledge to others in a clear, concise way. This makes him an ideal Public Speaker and coach. It is obvious that he does his homework so as to fully understand what he will say and then perfects how to communicate that knowledge in a way that benefits everyone; whether they are a part of a large audience or individuals in a one on one coaching session. On top of that Bogy is a great fun person to be around who is passionate to go the extra mile for his clients making each workshop a truly unforgettable experience.

Benjamin Arthur - Owner, Benjamin Arthur Photography

This was - yet again - another fantastic opportunity to fine-tune my presentation skills and learn from other live performances! As a second time attendee I concur that Bogdan Manta never fails when it comes to pointing out strengths and pitfalls when presenting/doing public speaking and to taking your to just another level in your personal development!

Sherwin Gentle - Pharmaceutical Industry Liaison, Kenes Group

Bogy was one of the trainers during the workshop 'Design your meaningful career' that I attended to. Bogdan was full of passion and positive energy. Impressive knowledge and experience. I saw Bogdan also giving a workshop during Toastmasters Division Contest and could say the same. Very professional!

Agata Michalaszek - FS Consultant, IG&H Consulting | PhD in Behavioral economics

Bogdan is one of the best professionals in the industry. Focused, results oriented, particularly insghtful, I have had the pleasure to collaborate during two years on different programs which turned out to be very successful, adding a tremendous value to the marketing strategy of company I am working for.

Olga Knjazeva - Senior Account and Bid Manager, Talia Limited

Bogdan is very proactive in dealing with problems and is effective at anticipating potential questions before they surface. He has a strong desire for continual learning and for accepting new and often challenging projects. I, and the whole team, always enjoyed Bogdan’s easy and confident communication style and his ability to deal positively with personal and skill areas that required further development.

Peter-Willem Burgmans - Managing Director, MCI the Netherlands

Bogdan is an excellent professional - extremely knowledgeable, passionate about what he does, responsible and accountable and very agile. He is always well prepared, operates great under pressure, is great with people and always delivers premium quality level of output. 

Kyryll Sheychenko - Productization Manager & Strategy Consultant, Portalech Reply

Bogdan is a unique person with EXCELLENT communication and managing skills, patience, great sense of humor and creativity. I´d love to recommend his workshops, they are so educational and full of practical learning!
Petr Venclícek - Negotiator BowTie


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